Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fujairah: Just Another City?

Not Much to See?
I read many blog postings like this report from tourists who visited Fujairah recently:

“There isn't really a lot to see and do in Fujairah and we really aren't even sure why we are here ;)….[We] took a taxi into a main part of the city where we camped out at a hotel using the internet and doing a little shopping at a grocery store. The Port area has a lot of duty free shopping and we spent a bit of time there doing that - but overall - other than having a Starbucks coffee - it was just another city to put on our list of places visited.”

This travel reflection reinforces the stereotype of a dusty one camel town in the UAE where there’s nothing much to see and do. Admittedly, there is little canned tourism and entertainment so one has to dig deep to discover the delights of the emirate.

Desert of Info
In contrast to the larger emirates there is a dearth of information, brochures and maps about what people can visit without the help of a tour guide and this is a challenge for those who market the emirate among potential tourists.

Some Resources

Here is an ever growing Index to the ‘Fujairah in Focus’ site with lots of links to pursue.

Do send me more links to attractions that you have enjoyed in Fujairah. I’d love to include them in this list.

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Image: “There isn't really a lot to see … in Fujairah.” One of the pictures these visitors took of the city.

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