Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

'Drove my Chevy to the Levee, but the Levee was'…Flooded in Fujairah

A meeting was held this week (7 June 2011) at the Fujairah Municipality to discuss the potential impact of flooded levees on the surrounding area.

The engineers of the Ministry of Environment and Water, members of the Environment—Department of Environmental Protection at the Fujairah Municipality, expert consultants and those involved in disaster management discussed possibilities in the event of a major flood or the collapse of a dam in the emirate of Fujairah.

They thought about the movement, the speed and the height of a wall of water and its impact on different sites around Fujairah. They hoped that their outcomes might resource decision makers in urban planning and prepare disaster management teams to establish adequate contingency plans to face the risk of flooding.

The impact of climate change in the UAE was central to this discussion at the Fujairah Municipality.

Geoff Pound

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Images: The experts and representatives of different groups who attended this strategic meeting.

They included Fujairah Municipality HE Salem Marh Director of the Department of Works and Agriculture, Engineer Ali Qasim, Director of Natural Resources, First Lieutenant Rashid Obaid Zouaydi of Police Fujairah, Mr. Salim Mohammed Al Naqbi, Mr. Mohammed Helal Zahmi of the National Commission for Disaster Management, Mr. Salem and Mr. Osama Awad from the Ministry of Environment and Water, Mohamed Osman and M. Ahmed Rashid Ali Abu Bakr Muhammad of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the Eastern Region and a number of departmental directors and heads of departments from the Municipality of Fujairah.

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